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24 Hour Monitoring, Armed Response, Guarding & Security

Ares Protection is an armed response, security and guarding company supplying 24/7 security solutions, customized to meet our clients' needs and specification, in the Sandton, Bryanston, Woodmead, Morningside, Benmore, Ilovo, Hyde Park, Parkmore, Johannesburg and Gauteng area for both residential and commercial properties.


Ares Protection features a state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced and ergonomically-designed control room.

All incoming emergency or technical calls and signals are sent to and dealt with from our head office in Sandton. Our Control room is manned by experienced and trained controllers who monitor our clients’ alarms and site panic systems, via radio transmitter linked to the system. 


Ares Protection believes that the value of this type of sophisticated off-site control room versus a single suburb hub, is critical in ensuring that there is no vulnerability or potential risk to

the ‘heart’ of the armed response operation we provide in the Sandton.

The Control Room uses Listener® Software for our core monitoring system. This results in fewer false alarms, more efficient response times, more accurate event reporting and stronger and fluid purpose driven teamwork.

From the control room to the units in the field, the one thing our clients have to be able to rely on,

is a system that works. We believe in being proactive, as opposed to reactive. To prevent the problems before they occur.

Good monitoring software streamlines the entire system.
This effectively saves money, but can also save lives.


Guarding: Residential & Commercial (Armed or Unarmed)

Ares Protection works to safeguard the welfare and prosperity of all Residential and Commercial Clients, helping to create safer and better environments in which people live and work.

All our guards are vetted by Lexus Nexus vetting software. This vetting process red flags, prosecuted, pending and wanted persons. All guards are PSIRA registered South-African citizens as determined by PSIRA with a valid South African ID. 

Ares Protection has the expertise and experience to tailor a broad spectrum of security solutions and services to meet the needs of our customers. Our uniformed teams undertake a wide range of complementary duties which include patrolling a building, reception and customer service.


Our Guards are equipped with panic button that is linked to the control room (reaction officers), a radio for communication with; Control room, Area Supervisor and Armed response vehicle.
Each site gets appointed a site manager who visits the site a number of times per week and a monthly meeting with the client.

Our management team comprises of  

  • Technical Manager 

  • Guarding Manager 

  • Response Manager 

  • General Operations Manager 

  • Sales Manager

A combined experience of almost 90 years. All working in conjunction with each other.


Our VISIBILITY and ASSESSMENT OF THE AREA AND SITE drives down RISK at all Guarded Properties, with a balance between the use of Technology and Manned Guarding.


Community Security

Community Security is focused on employing crime-fighting initiatives that are specifically tailored to the needs of the respective areas. We are persistently working closely with the SAPS, the residents’ associations and other similar organizations to pro-actively focus on the areas identified as ‘hot spots’.

We pride ourselves in our relationship with SAPS, as various community projects are conducted in conjunction with SAPS. These relationships are built and maintained at various levels and include the attendance of weekly crime incident meetings, CPF meetings and regular meetings at senior level members. Our relationship with the SAPS is treasured and of a high standard, and a dedicated Project Manager attends weekly and monthly meetings.

Ares Protection CCTV solution, developed with Vumacam to act as an extra set of eyes in the public space and dedicated road closures, has been rolled out in many of our operational areas. This enables us to monitor potential suspects by utilizing an extensive network. Ares Protection offers a personalized service
by dedicating resources to dedicated


Value Added Services


Ares Protection Armed Response Officers are highly trained and competent to deal with any situation on site. 

Ares Protection is proud to work with @ER24 as our medical service provider of choice. Our direct contact to their ambulances and vehicles ensures that medical assistance is at all times only seconds away.

ER24 First Responder Medical Reaction
Included in the armed response service, is 24-hr access to ER 24 first responder medical assistance. In the event of a medical emergency, our clients can summon first responder medical assistance by contacting ER24 directly on 084 124 or contacting the control room.

Agreement with ER24 for free first responder medical response for our clients ER24 Benefits;
•    Emergency response and stabilization
•    Medical transportation
•    Emergency medical information via telephone
      (How to stabilize a patient while waiting for ambulance) 
•    Medical helpline (DR on call)
•    Telephonic trauma counselling


Our Clients do not pay for this service.
This is a complimentary service.
Contingent that the incident happens on the property, it does not need to be crime related.

ARES APP Preview - Copy.jpg


Electronic Solutions designs, manufactures, installs and maintains fully integrated security systems, protecting customers with various security requirements.  We secure a range of facilities including residential homes, small stand-alone offices and schools.
As leading suppliers and security system installers, we only offer the latest and highest quality protection solutions for your home and your company, including: 

Ares Panic App 
A Mobile panic button and home alarm management system

that can be downloaded for all our Ares clients. We look after you wherever you go.  This is a cutting edge mobile security application that turns your smart mobile device into your personal home alarm management system. This application connects you directly to the ARES PROTECTION control room.

This app also doubles up as a panic button and can send your geo-location to ARES PROTECTION Control Room at the press of a button.


This makes it possible to seamlessly and securely manage aspects of your security profile, including key holder’s details, holiday instructions and site contact personnel. This application allows you to easily test your alarm system to ensure correct alarm functionality.

ARES APP Preview - Copy.jpg

Risk Assessments

We conduct in-depth security risk assessments for our sites and provide guarding services to numerous sectors, including, but not limited to;

•  Road closures and secure estates (gated communities)
•  Residential estates/complexes, clusters and homes
•  Commercial properties including schools, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants.
•  Property development companies
•  Property management companies
•  Residents’ Associations and Bodies Corporate
•  Large and small corporate entities - including on-site managers for larger and at-risk operations
•  Industrial properties including construction sites.



Vumacam Solution

Having your own solution is great but being part of the Vumacam solution allows Ares Protection to provide better surveillance.


Ares Protection is part of the Vumacam solution affords us the ability to track beyond the Ares Protected areas of Sandton, as being part of the Vumacam Solution grants us access to the entire Vumacam Solution network across South Africa, giving us a better success opportunity in capturing criminals and resolving cases. Meaning, not only do we have direct access to the Vumacam network in the Ares Protected Sandton area, we also have indirect access to the Vumacam network across South Africa.


Currently, Ares Protection is connected to an extensive and vast network in the entire Sandton area. This network which expanding in order to provide an in depth stream of surveillance to better monitor the Ares Protected Sandton suburbs.

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