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Armed Response, Security & Guarding services, in the Sandton, Johannesburg and Gauteng area.

Our mission is to constantly strive to exceed
our Clients’ expectations with dedication
and commitment.

To make the areas we are in much safer,
for all that reside in them.


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In response to the ever-evolving nature of crime, Ares Protection has implemented various initiatives and innovations in its proactive approach to crime management. We do not believe that security is a ‘one size fits all’ solution, so we focus our efforts on creating complete security solutions based on the very specific requirements of each client. We provide and supply a tailored made solution comprising of 24/7 armed response, guarding, security and monitoring services for both residential and commercial properties in the Sandton, Johannesburg and Gauteng area, designed to meet our clients needs and requirements.

We have managed to combine the best of both worlds - a security, armed response, and guarding offering which is big enough to provide clients with absolute peace of mind, and personalized to care for the individual requirements of each area in which we operate to ensure the services we supply are done so in order to keep those areas, properties and clients safe, secure and protected.


We work closely with our armed reaction, guarding, technical and security operations to help create a unique and customized armed response, guarding and security solution for each client.

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Armed Response & Monitoring

Our Mission

Is to constantly strive to exceed our Clients’ expectations with dedication and commitment.

To make the areas we are in much safer, for all that reside in them.

Our Vision

Is to be a nationally respected company providing private security and protection solutions to offices
and homes throughout the country.


A clear security solution for all.

Our Core Values

Professionalism and Respect
for Rule of Law.

Safety at all costs to our clients.

Teamwork and Support.
Innovation and Adaptability.
Integrity and Confidentiality.

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We have Ares at our home for over a year now, and they have been fantastic. But today was extra phenomenal. I took my dog for a run, and the Ares gentleman had noticed I was being followed. He drove ahead of me, and made sure I got home safely. Thank you kind sir.

Roxanne S.

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I have been with Ares for more than a year and having them as our back-up gives us peace of mind when we lock up the shop. If the alarm is not set at a certain time, I would get a call to ask if everything is okay. The fact that should something happen to any of our clients, we are covered with Ares who will get the ambulance service to take our client to the nearest hospital.

We also have Ares at our home and again, when we by accident press our panic button on our remotes, they are in contact within seconds.

We are indeed very happy that we switched security companies.

Coffee & Crunch

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Their personalized service

Gordon S.

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